The evidence for CBT-T

Below are a set of papers that give evidence for CBT-T. They include evidence for effectiveness based on individual therapy, group therapy, work online (into work environments), and work with adolescents and young adults.

Most are open access, so you can get them via the DOI links with each paper. However, if any of the team's papers are not available in that way then you can contact us via ResearchGate if you would like to view them.

The following are reviews, based on the above papers. The Keegan one is probably easier to generalise from, as it includes a meta-analytic summary of a range of outcomes:

This paper details the development and psychometrics of the ED-15 measure, which we developed so that there was a weekly monitoring tool that clinicians could use (see Resources for a copy):

Don’t forget the broader evidence that CBT for eating disorders (CBT-ED) is an effective approach for most adults with eating disorders: