Cognitive behavioural therapy in ten sessions for patients with non-underweight eating disorders

CBT-T is a ten session therapy for adults and adolescents with non-underweight eating disorders (including bulimia nervosa, atypical anorexia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and others).


CBT-T (the T stands for ‘ten’) has been under development and testing since 2013, as we wanted to be clear about its effectiveness. Once we had established a clear evidence base for CBT-T and we were happy that it worked, we launched it at the 2019 Academy for Eating Disorders Conference in New York.

CBT-T manual

In May 2019, the CBT-T manual was published, so that any clinician can use it. You can find the manual on routledge.com, via Amazon, or in a bookstore.

In the manual you can read about the origins of CBT-T, its evidence base, the techniques that you can apply to help your patients get the maximum benefit out of this treatment, and the therapeutic principles that will guide your implementation of CBT-T.

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Manual contents

Video role plays

We have a range of videos demonstrating the key skills in CBT-T. Find out more about what is covered in the 10 sessions.

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